Nujiang Maps
Human Rights
Nu Jiang River, Yunnan, China

Three Parallel Rivers region

KUNMING, June 9 (Xinhuanet) -- The Three Parallel Rivers in southwest China's Yunnan province, a natural marvel of three rivers flowing abreast listed by UNESCO in 2003 as a world natural heritage site, arrests the attention of the world with its unique geological forms and abundant plant and animal species. The three parallel rivers refer to the Nujiang, Lancang, and Jinsha/Yangtze rivers flowing parallel from north to south... (XINHUA online, June 9, 2004)

Challenging the Laws of Nature
To dam or not to dam

Who draws the fine line between developing and protecting our natural resources?

Although it only accounts for less than 0.4 percent of China’s total land area, Sanjiang, located in southwest Yunnan Province, is the habitat of 77 species of wild animals and 34 kinds of plants under state-level protection. In recognition of this, the area, famous for its magnificent view of the confluence of Nujiang, Jingsha and Lancang rivers, has been added to the World Heritage List of the United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization (UNESCO)...
(Beijing Review, May 8, 2004)

China plans 13 dams on Salween
Activists fear adverse impact downstream

More than 80 environmental, human rights and ethnic groups in Thailand and Burma have called on China to consult countries downstream of the Salween river before going ahead with its plan to build 13 large hydro-power dams. The dams, planned for the upper part of the river in China's Yunnan province, would severely damage the ecosystem and livelihood of people in Thailand and Burma, who depended on the 2,800km-long river for fishing and farming, they said... (Bangkok Post, December 18, 2003)


Photo essay of downstream concerns in Thailand and Burma concerning China's proposal to build 13 hydro-electric dams on the Nu river... (Southeast Asia Rivers Network, February 2004) www.searin.org/Th/SWD/Salween_Downstream_concerns.pdf (Cached)

Nujiang River Area Ecological Preservation Called for

As hydroelectric stations spring up like mushrooms, among China's big rivers, the Yarlung Zangbo and Nujiang rivers are the only ones with their ecological integrity still intact. Following an upsurge in hydro-powered development, concerned parties set forth a plan to open up the Nujiang River. In this proposed terraced water conservation project, as many as 13 dams are to be built on the river. Some experts have voiced strong opposition to the project. (China Internet Information Center, China.org.cn, translated by Shao Da, September 30, 2003)