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Nujiang Canyon, China's Latest Tourist Hotspot
The Great Nujiang Canyon, in southwest China's Yunnan Province, has become a new tourist hotspot in recent years, thanks to local efforts to improve infrastructure and tourism facilities. Some local tourism specialists believe that the Nujiang canyon is more attractive than the United States' Grand Canyon. (The Peoples Daily, August 14, 2002)

Yunnan Ecotourism Companies

The Lashihai Xintuo Ecotourism Company (English)
The Lashihai Xintuo Ecotourism Company was created by The Nature Conservancy and Lijiang environmental and tourism-related government agencies. It is locally owned and serves tourists who would like to discover northwest Yunnan, particularly the Naxi and Yi traditional local customs and the Lashihai Watershed.

Northwest Yunnan Ecotourism Association
The Northwest Yunnan Ecotourism Association was created to promote the development and marketing of ecotourism around Lijiang and beyond. By developing and promoting ecotourism in Northwest Yunnan, our goal is to support environmental protection, preserve the area's diverse cultural heritage and contribute to community development.

Khampa Caravan
Khampa Caravan is an adventure travel company run by local Tibetans that specializes in unique journeys to the Tibetan frontier. Its entire process is designed to incorporate sustainability in an all-embracing sense.

River Expedition and Tourism Companies

Shangri La River Expeditions
Shangri La River Expeditions, specializes in the exploration of rivers and mountains of greater Tibet. Shangri La River Expeditions is a division of Earth Science Expeditions, a non-profit, tax-exempt research organization.

The NuJiang River Preservation Project
The NuJiang River Preservation Project is dedicated to preservation of the NuJiang River (Salween) of China, its peoples and species. White Pearl's NuJiang River Project of China provides economic incentives through ecotourism to achieve effective conservation at the ground level.

Earth River Expeditions
Earth River Expeditions organizes whitewater rafting trips to some of the wildest and most remote places in the world including Chile, Peru, China, Tibet and Canada's Yukon Territory. Earth River Expeditions is also devoted to conservation and the protection of the rivers and the regions that it explores and in conjunction with the Earth River Fund, it promotes river conservation throughout the world.